• Illustration of a jack o'lantern

    Great for family and friends, and silly enough to play with kids.

  • Illustration of a timer

    Takes just 2 minutes to learn and only 15 minutes to play!

  • Illustration of a mirrored disco ball

    Perfect for any occasion, like family game night, vacation, or partying with friends.

  • Illustration of a crystal ball

    It’s as addictive as it is creative!

The Game You’re Dying to Play

Conjure Up a Party, Every Time.

Obituary is like the love child of Charades and Pictionary®. Grab 4-6 players with a twisted imagination, then slice yourselves up into two even teams. Next, draw cards that say ‘WHO’ you are and ‘HOW’ you died.

Here Lies One Heck of a Good Time. Raise some spirits!

There are so many ways to fake your death. Each card has a different ‘WHO’ or ‘HOW’ — so you can act out a Zamboni Driver in a Hot Air Balloon Accident, or a Voodoo Queen getting a Shark Bite Amputation!

The combinations are endless — and hilarious!

A hand emerging from a grave, holding the Obituary game box

Scare up some laughs!

It’s simple, so all the instructions fit in this little video. Once you watch, you’re ready to put the ‘fun’ back in funeral!